Baby Basics Knowsley

Help for new mums

What is Baby Basics?

Baby Basics Knowsley was founded in 2014, as part of a national network, based in Sheffield, that provides vulnerable mums-to-be with essential items for when baby arrives. The Baby Basics team create and distribute Moses Baskets of new-born essentials to vulnerable mums-to-be who would otherwise not have these items for their baby. We believe that Baby Basics shows God's love in action and is a testament to the love and care He has for all His children. Since 2014, Baby Basics Knowsley has given Moses Baskets to over 200 vulnerable mothers and babies in Knowsley. 

Just a few of the fabulous donations we have had over the past couple of weeks. We can’t thank everyone enough for the support we have received recently 💛✨ #thebighelpproject #knowsley #babybasics #foodbank #community #charity

Who does Baby Basics help?

Clients can come from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances, including fleeing domestic abuse, abandonment, teenage pregnancy, asylum seeking, trafficking and many other situations that mean a mum-to-be cannot provide what their baby needs in the first few months. 


How does it work?

All mums-to-be who receive a Moses Basket from Baby Basics are referred to the scheme by a health professional, usually a Community Midwife. The baskets are assembled by our baby Basics team. The baskets contain clothing 0-3 months, bedding, toiletries for mother and baby, a cuddly toy for baby, and a small gift for mum. These are presented in a Moses Basket with stand, that also serves as a safe place for baby to sleep. Baskets are made in advance of the baby's due date, and are beautifully coordinated for gender, or a gender neutral if mum prefers. Each Moses Basket contains a greetings card from us, to welcome the new baby and celebrate the family-in some cases, this is the only gift the new family will receive.

How can I refer a mum-to-be to Baby Basics?

Only professionals who are working with the mum-to-be can apply for a Baby Basics Moses Basket. We cannot accept referrals from the mum-to-be, family, friends etc. If you are a professional working with a woman who is due to have a baby and who cannot provide the essential items.

How can I help Baby Basics?

We are always delighted to receive donations of clothing (0-3 months), bedding and toiletries for mother and baby, for our Baby Basics scheme. We are also always happy to receive Moses Baskets for us to fill.

We cannot accept baby clothes for over 3 months for Baby Basics-however, if you do have pre-loved clothes for older babies/toddlers and above, we would be happy to accept them for our Community shops