Introduction to our Fundraising

Fundraising at The Big Help Project (BHP) involves our entire team of staff, volunteers and of course individual and corporate business donors in an effort that has the most visible and important outcomes : people and families get help getting fed each week, with debt advice and assistance back into work, with the basics of caring for a newborn baby.

It is a BIG effort and yes a big project. But the reality is that the Foodbanks we support help individuals and families with something that most find hard to understand in a rich society full of opportunity and promise. People in our area are struggling to feed themselves and their children each week. They face a vicious and debilitating cycle of debt supporting need and creating more debt. Period Poverty is a real thing for females in our area. Some mums don’t have the resources to provide the basics for their newborn child. Many still face a huge uphill battle to find and keep a job. 

All this is real, you can touch it, feel it, see the impact and compare it to your world. We know many are surprised by the extent of the need and shocked it is this way in our modern and busy lives.


Fundraising at the Big Help Project

So many ways to get involved…….


This is where our fundraising comes into its own. We are fast developing our fundraising effort in a professional but very realistic, very personal way that has at its heart, dignity, respect and hope. Fundraising with The Big Help Project is intensely satisfying because it’s teamwork at its very best and the visibly amazing difference being made delivers a feel-good factor that is hard to beat.

You can help in many ways. 

Please have a look below at some of our links that show the variety of ways individuals, corporate and business supporters, groups and associations, can all get involved. Some of this support is very new for us and growing fast. Read about our ideas for a new Fundraising Group which brings together team members with supporters from all walks of life to raise funds for our work and have a hugely enjoyable time doing it. 

Have a look at how corporate business supporters of all sizes can become part of what is a truly win win partnership that delivers morale boosting staff, team work, pride and respect, alongside the best business awareness and recognition in a local community and further afield.


We are very much part of a local community and grateful for the support of different Groups and Associations. Looking for a guest speaker with an interesting and important story to share about working in the community to support thousands of people ? We’d love to visit, learn about your work and keep you in touch with what’s going on at The Big Help Project.


You are never too young to help us!!


Please use the colour box links below to find out more about our Virgin Giving Page, why Gift Aid is so important to helping us at The Big Help Project and how Legacy Giving can make a massive difference to the number of people we can help.

 To learn more about Fundraising at The Big Help Project and how you can help.

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