Knowsley Foodbank

exists to provide emergency

food parcels

to people in Knowsley

who were experiencing food crisis.

It is part of the national Trussell Trust network of foodbanks that supports over 420 foodbanks across Britain.


How does it work?

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Most the food in the foodbank is donated, except for fresh bread, which is funded by the Big Help Project.

Food is donated from a variety of sources including churches, businesses, schools, and individuals and stored in our warehouse in Link Rd, Huyton.

The food is weighed in at the warehouse and then distributed to ten centres across Knowsley where clients can redeem their vouchers.

On average, we require more than 55 tonnes of food for each financial year, and store around 8 tonnes of food at any time.


Foodbank vouchers

Care professionals such as health visitors, schools and social workers identify people in crisis and issue them with a food bank voucher.

Foodbank vouchers are usually limited to no more than three per household in six months. We have this limit as we believe that a client is best helped by being supported to make actual changes in their situation. For example, we would support a client in finding work or resolve debt issues, so that their situation improved and they could reach the point of no longer needing the foodbank. However, we understand completely that there are some circumstances that cannot be changed or cannot be changed quickly and we will support a person in genuine need for as long as it takes. We assess each case on its individual merits and would never turn away anyone in genuine need.

Donating food

We are always delighted to receive donations of food for Knowlsey Foodbank.

If you can donate any items from the list below, it will be greatly appreciated and needed:


Food Donations

  • Milk (UHT or powdered)

  • Fruit (tinned)

  • Rice pudding or Custard (tinned)

  • Meat (tinned)

  • Fish (tinned)

  • Bottles Fruit Squash

  • Tomatoes (tinned) or pasta sauces (jar)

  • Biscuits

  • Tinned Potatoes/instant mash

  • Instant coffee


We also welcome donations of toiletries (including feminine hygiene items), nappies (larger sizes), baby wipes and pet food.

Donations for Knowsley Foodbank can be dropped off at any of our distribution centres,

our Community Shop in Huyton and Carr Meadow Hey or at our Head Office in Huyton in Link Road.

Call 0151 482 6089 for more details.


What is in the food parcel?


The food parcel contains none-perishable items for each person named on the voucher. Whenever possible, subject to availability, we also offer fresh bread and toiletries. We also accommodate dietary requirement such as vegetarianism, allergies etc, as well as cultural/religious needs as best we can.

What happens when clients go to the distribution centre?

Clients will always be treated with respect and compassion at the distribution centre. They are offered refreshments and a chance to talk with one of the volunteers. Often clients are signposted to another agency who may be able to help them to ensure the crisis is resolved, or there may be a part of the Big Help Project that can help them, for example with debt or unemployment.

There are two ways of accessing food:

Red Voucher

Knowsley people who are in food crisis can apply for a foodbank voucher from many frontline services such as Schools, Citizens Advice, Welfare Advice Sentres and Health Care Professionals. The client then takes the voucher to a distribution centre and are given 3 days' worth of food for themselves and their family. The days and venues for the distribution centres are on the back of the voucher.

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Knowsley Food Support (KFS)

We also work in partnership with Knowsley Council supporting their Food Support service. KFS is a Knowsley Council project that is delivered in partnership with Knowsley Foodbank. It provides emergency food and Knowsley Council may also be able to supply vouchers for gas and electricity, to people in crisis.

To access food through KFS ring:  0151 538 8243

For fuel ring: 0151 443 3200


It is part of the national Trussell Trust network of foodbanks



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